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Monday, July 4, 2016


Enabled by Freedom

Freedom gives us the opportunity to succeed, and also to fail. Freedom allows us to make our own way in life, and insists that we accept responsibility for doing so.

Freedom and responsibility simply cannot exist apart from each other. You can remain free only by being fully responsible for your life, your actions, and your role in a free society.

Though millions have died for it, and most would choose freedom over any alternative, freedom can at times be frightening. It often imposes difficult decisions, and requires valiant effort to maintain.

Though freedom is the best course, it is seldom the easiest. Yet freedom is worth the effort, for it is a human catalyst that has no equal.

The best way to celebrate freedom is to use it wisely. The best way to protect freedom is to make sure as many people as possible benefit from it.

Freedom enables you to do great things. Today, and every day, take freedom up on the offer.

Ralph Marston

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