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Monday, July 25, 2016


The Fruit of your Labor

Don't have unrealistic expectations
of how or when your needs will be met.

If you ask for an apple, and an apple comes back,
it doesn't mean that you are God's favorite child.

It just means that it's apple season.
Be happy. Celebrate your good fortune.

If you asked for an apple, and you get a banana,
you can have two attitudes.

One is: "At least it's a fruit!"
The other is: "God doesn't like me
because he sent me a banana and I hate bananas."

If you want something bad enough,
getting a banana won't stop you.
But most of us don't know that.

Nine out of ten of us throw the banana back
and then slip on the peel!

Remember, if it's banana season and you need an apple,
you might have to be patient and wait for apple season!

Are you willing to wait?
How much do you really want an apple?
You see, this is completely about you.
It has nothing to do with anyone else!

From Everyday Wisdom by Paul Ferrini

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