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Monday, July 25, 2016


Active Participation

Don’t let this be a time you look back on with regret for not doing more. Make this a day you recall with satisfaction for all you were able to do.

Even if you don’t particularly feel like making the effort, you can make the effort nonetheless. Even if a dozen obstacles stand in your way, you can step forward and make progress.

Fill the moments with effective action, not lame excuses. Today will only be available to you today, so use it while you can.

Demonstrate your gratitude for the life you treasure by doing something valuable with it. Express your love for all you care about by offering your active support.

You are here right now with knowledge, skills, resources, energy, and a desire to matter. Give yourself and your world something to show for it all.

Your future begins in this moment. Fill it with meaningful richness through your active participation.

Ralph Marston

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