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Friday, July 22, 2016


The Rewards of Lifelong Partnership

As long as there is growth and honesty in a relationship,
it is worthy of our commitment.

That doesn't mean that it's perfect.
Even in the best relationships,
doubts and fears continue to arise.

However, mature couples learn to hold
their doubts and fears with compassion.
They learn to be patient with each other.

In time, the hard shell around their hearts
begins to crack open.

Where fear used to hold them back,
they learn to take baby steps forward.

They learn to stretch out their hands to each other
when one or both of them falter.

They learn to heal together and to trust each other.

And then they experience a gentleness
born of the struggle,
a sweetness born of the pain.

Then there is a twinkle in their eyes
when they look at each other.

It isn’t the same twinkle that was there
when they first met.
It is a different one.
It tells of their journey
through fear and projection
into the heart of acceptance and love.

From Everyday Wisdom by Paul Ferrini

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