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Thursday, August 11, 2016


A Positive Place

Where is there a positive place? Anywhere you want to make it.

In a dark tunnel, on a sunny beach, in a large group or alone, you can be in a positive place. Whether there is confusion or clarity, drama or stillness, you can be in a positive place.

No matter what has happened, or failed to happen, you can make it a positive place. Whether you’re comfortable or not, surrounded by challenge, or immersed in beauty, you can be in a positive place.

What makes any place a positive place is the way you choose to see it. External circumstances matter, but they do not have to determine your perspective.

A positive place is a powerful place. Because you’re more aware of, and more inspired to act on, the best possibilities.

So wherever you are, whatever is going on, give yourself a decided advantage. Put yourself in a positive place.

Ralph Marston

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