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Tuesday, June 28, 2016



See others not for their labels, but for their beauty. Pay attention not to the noisy false urgencies, but to the profound beauty surrounding you.

Live this day feasting your awareness on beauty in all its forms. Let your heart be filled with thanks for the many joys, simple and accessible, you can experience.

You don’t really have to know the latest news flash, for it is no different than the last one. Invest your life in living the beauty, and in making more.

Imagine that you could never again watch a cloud drift through the sky. Then go out and watch one, live and in person, brimming with gratitude for the chance to be.

You don’t need to control, acquire, or prove you’re right. Beauty calls, joy beckons, and you answer.

As real and serious as troubles may be, they are nothing compared to beauty. Live the beauty, share the beauty, and help to push the troubles away.

Ralph Marston

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