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Saturday, June 11, 2016


Avoid foul mouthed people. If you are one of them, commit to losing this part of yourself. Do not allow yourself to be a vessel or a sponge for filthy or disrespectful language, or a garbage disposal for violent words ~ especially from people who are supposed to love you.

Some people enjoy using profanity, even when talking to children, or when in their presence. Many people pay to listen to foul mouthed rappers, comedians, and various entertainers. However, the acceptance of this as normal only speaks to our loss of spirituality and self-respect. It highlights the tragic lowering of our standards for language which has negatively impacted our children.

Cursing is the strongest expression of a weak mind. Do not fool yourself! Death and life are in the tongue. Your words create your world and your world reflects your reality. You always have a choice. Use words that represent the highest and best expression of yourself and of what you see for your future and your life. You Deserve!


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