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Friday, June 17, 2016


Wash It Away

Remember how it feels to feel great? Your own intention enables you to feel that way right now, and anytime.

Think of those times when you’ve had a burst of creativity. Today can be one of those times.

Have layer upon layer of negativity hidden your best self from your awareness? Let those layers fall away, and bring your highest values to the surface once again.

Though you live in a world ripe with challenge and confusion, a part of you exists beyond it, and can always rise above it. Connect with that part and feel the true joy of living.

Pay attention to everything going on around you, and stay engaged with the world. All the time, keep in touch with your ability to bring forth joy and fulfillment.

At any moment, in any circumstance, your joyful, positive presence can improve your world. Instead of giving in to the negativity, wash it away with the way you are.

Ralph Marston

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