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Tuesday, June 21, 2016


New Worlds of Possibilities

Hiding in what’s comfortable robs you of your powerful ability to adapt, to explore, to wonder, to improve. Doing only what you’ve done before eats away at your options.

If you think only what you’ve already thought, that’s not really thinking at all. When your opinion cannot be changed by the facts, you’re deceiving yourself.

Give your life some fresh energy by taking on some new challenges. Make yourself stronger by testing your strength in unfamiliar situations.

New possibilities are born with every turn of events. Open yourself to some of them by venturing a little beyond the sure things you’ve grown dependent upon.

Be willing to change your perspective, and transform limitations into opportunities. Learn what you’ve never known and see new worlds of possibilities.

If you think there’s no hope for life to improve, think differently. Countless options will spring to life the moment you start to look in a new direction.

Ralph Marston

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